Keeping Heaton Festival green


Heaton festival’s colours have always been yellow and green, but each year we work on making the festival greener!

As you come along to the festival, can you help us out too?

We believe it’s important to do our bit to look after God’s creation

We’ve already stopped giving out balloons.

We moved to online maps versus giving out paper guides.

We had an Ecozone – now we’ve spread that everywhere.

This year we are working on waste reduction


Less plastic packaging

At the festival we are trying to reduce the amount of waste created, by working with our suppliers to reduce the amount of plastic they sell. We also aim to to reduce the amount of packaging waste from our food vendors (such as partnering with our pizza provider to trial “pizza plates” rather than the traditional large pizza boxes)

Eco Providers

We’ve woven lots of organisations with “Eco” themes throughout the festival, helping us all to get involved with how we can each do our part to help the planet. Change is always difficult, and this year’s festival we would like to suggest ways in which we can all cooperate to take on the challenge of caring for our wonderful planet and preserving it for us and future generations.

Reusable drinks containers

If you have a reusable cup that you want to use for your drinks please bring it along and ask our vendors to use it for you, rather than an disposable cup.

Also come to our Tea tent to get your water bottle refilled if you have one with you.

Waste Recycling.

We are partnered with Newcastle City Council trade waste to ensure that the waste collected on festival day is sorted and recycled as much as is possible.

You can do you piece to help by taking as much of your own waste home with you, so that it makes it easier to get it into the right recycling streams. Watch out for the festival team offering you bags to use if you need them