Mini Festival 2021

A “mini” event with a broad reach

Due to Covid we can’t do everything that we wanted this year and we have had to defer the main festival til June 2022.
However we want to support and encourage Heaton with some smaller events. See below for what they are and how you can get involved

Get in touch with us via the Contact section of the website if you want to learn more

What do I love about Heaton - Art project

Last 2 weekends of June

In the Flower beds that surround Pavilion we will inviting people to bring a long a “heart” that somehow depicts what they love about Heaton that we will build into an organic artwork over the course of the weekend.
What you make will be completely up to you, but we will have some templates and ideas appearing on this website in early June if you need a bit of help to spark your creative spirit

Community Volunteering

Late June - Early July

We want to try and help out with a little TLC around the streets and parks of Heaton. We aim to help out with the little things that will keep looking the way we’d all like it.
Things like clearing litter, painting part benches, tidying overgrown land and the like.

Get in touch with us via the Contact section if you are interested to join in one of the teams.

Summer Gift bags

Early July on the High Streets of Heaton

As we are still not fully freed from the rigours of lockdown, we wanted to offer “goodie” bags, to give you some comfort, hope and encouragement through the summer months

Following all the right approvals we hope to be giving these out on the main streets just before the school holidays start in each of the 4 wards of Heaton
– Ouseburn – On Heaton Park View
– Heaton – On Chillingham Road
– Dene – On Newton Road
– Manor Park – Near to Sainsburys?

More details on what will be included will start to appear on this website in the coming weeks

Treasure Hunt

Late June - Early July

We’re going to have an online treasure hunt around the streets of Heaton with a prize for the winner.

There will be more details appearing on this website about how it will all work as we get into June

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