Get Connected

Have a look at our Heaton Churches Together Booklet, letting you know all the events and weekly activities you can get involved in: HCT Churches 2022
The Heaton Festival is a great opportunity to enjoy a day out, reconnect with your community and also to find some time for yourself. The last 2 years have been tough and that’s why you will see us talking about  ‘Reconnecting Heaton’ on the day. As well as finding out through the various stalls and activities where you can find your place in the community of Heaton, you will be able to explore where you ‘fit’ in the wider sense too. If you feel you’re looking for a place to belong, where you are valued for who you are and where you can find a ready made community to be a part of; come and see what is on offer from  Heaton Churches Together (who organise the Heaton Festival) Any of the activities are optional and there will be folks to chat to if you’d like. You’ll find us all around the festival site, but especially in the “Get Connected” Tent near the Children’s playground